Choosing Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry clasps are functional elements which are used to connect the ends of a jewelry piece such as a fashion jewellery necklace or bracelet. There are some clasps which are used for function as well as design. These clasps are decorative and come in designs that can match the overall look of the jewelry. These clasps also tend to be quite expensive. On the other hand, some clasps are used for function only. These have a subdued appearance and do not overpower the jewelry. They do not form part of the overall design of the jewelry.

Jewelry ClaspsIf you are looking for jewelry clasps which are safe and at the same time cost effective, then you can choose between lobster clasps and spring clasps. Both of them are cheaper than most other types of clasps and they are simple in design which prevents them from overpowering the jewelry. Both of these clasps are available in a range of sizes and metals. They are suitable for smaller beads as well as larger beads provided you choose the right type and size of clasp.

Spring clasps – these come with a spring loaded lever that can open and close the clasp. These are basically round tubes which are lightweight and very affordable. You can get a single piece for about 5 cents only. Even if you are looking for clasps which are 18K or 14K gold, you can get them at cheap prices such as $5 per piece.

Lobster clasps – are equipped with a spring loaded mechanism, but they are different from spring clasps as they are not shaped like a round tube. These are heavier when compared to spring clasps and therefore tend to be a little more expensive. There are more styles and variations available for this type of clasp. Some of the common shapes include figure 8, hearts, ovals and the traditional pear shapes.

Connecting these clasps to the jewelry pieces

Jewelry ClaspsBoth of these jewelry clasps have jump rings attached to them which can be used to connect them to the jewelry. The part of the clasp that opens hooks to the jump ring on the other side of the jewelry piece. You can use clasps with open jump rings if you are making jewelry that has chains at the ends. However, if you are going to bead onto the clasps directly, then you must use a closed jump ring or else the string can slide and fall off.

Concerns and drawbacks

It can be quite difficult to use spring clasps. Although they are inexpensive, they are very small in size and are unable to bear much weight. They are delicate as well. Lobster clasps also have limitation because you may require the help of another person to open or close the clasp. These are not functional or decorative types of jewelry clasps and therefore do not add any aesthetic value to the jewelry.

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